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About Us

Casa Vida Plantation

Our mission is to impact communities by planting churches theologically sound and Biblically relevant.

We are an organization reformed in its theology, completely non-religious and totally Christ and Bible centered, who works both in evangelizing and planting churches in rural coastal communities of Central and Latin America as well as training church planters for the field and the work of the Kingdom. We depend completely on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit and believe the word of God to be “lamp unto our feet” and by which we find God’s direction for both our ministry and our lives.

We are very serious in our theology. We believe the lack of Biblical teaching and
theology has opened the doors for so many misunderstandings and false teachings of God. One of our aims is to give back to the church the seriousness and importance of understanding Scripture in its right context, for the right learning and the right thinking which eventually will lead to the right Christian living and that’s one of the reasons we preach expositional.

Our Goal

With the purchase of this bag you are helping Casa Vida Plantation Ministry fund missionary families and church planters in the rural coastal communities of Costa Rica and Central America. Join God’s work and make a difference spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. God Bless!